Digital Services and Back Office Capacity for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

CrowdWork‘s mission is to bridge the digital divide by increasing the purchasing power, back office capacity, and digital presence of gig workers, small businesses, and community groups — particularly those under-represented — in an online and offline cooperative environment.

Featured Product

  • Starter Do-It-Yourself Website Package
  • Do-It-Yourself Tools & Tutorials
  • Wholesale Premium Website Hosting
  • 1-on-1 Website Training

Utility-Based Web Apps Digital Storytelling

Example CrowdWork Powered Websites -

The CrowdWork digital platform helps its members tell their stories and connect them with their audiences and communities of their choice, regardless of what platform they’re on most.

Members receive:

  • Premium Website Hosting ($300 value)
  • Free custom domain mapping
    • Free DNS reconfiguration to map your existing website domain to your new CrowdWork hosted site.
  • Add up to 5 custom email addresses for your business
    • Integration with Outlook or Gmail available (sold separately)
  • Dozens of premium website features included
    • Choose from hundreds of premade designs, or create your own using the best drag-and-drop page builder in the market – Elementor.
    • Sync your contact form to any email platform or email marketing service (ie – Gmail, Hotmail, MailChimp, Constant Contact)
    • No technical knowledge required
  • Personalizable dashboards
  • Create up to 5 individual websites per account.
    • Perfect for all of your side ventures or collaborations.
    • Effortlessly spin up a fresh website for each of your business partners or team members with their very own branding, domain name, and user account.
    • Create a new landing page for your upcoming event or new product launch without cluttering your main website.
  • 2 hours of in-person training
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Do you know that old saying? Its all about the company you keep...

1-on-1 Website Trainings

Hands-on trainings for web page development and digital strategy that help users define their online presence.


Wholesale Premium Website Hosting

Web Design and Video Marketing

Do-It-Yourself Tools & Tutorials

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Multiple Ways to Earn Income

  • Write a Proposal
  • Manage a Project from End-to-End
  • Provide Specialized Digital Services
  • Provide Technical Assistance or Advising

Contributions to the co-op are equitably rewarded for the value they provide.

Every member within our extended network is incentivized to engage with others in their own ways, and exchange value as they choose.

Get Paid Per Project

A finder’s fee (or referral commission) is paid out for every successful customer or member referred to the co-op.


What is a co-op?

A cooperative is a voluntary contractual organization of persons having a mutual ownership interest in providing themselves needed services.

It is usually organized as a legal entity to accomplish an economic objective through joint participation of its members.

In a cooperative, the investment of time and money risks, benefits gained or losses incurred are shared equitably by its members in proportion to their use of the cooperative services.

A cooperative is democratically controlled by its members on the basis of their status as member-users and not as investors in the capital structure of the cooperatives.”

(Savage & Volkin)

The word “crowd” implies capacity. In the current majority economy, this usually comes at the expense of equity (ownership) being sold to passive shareholders eventually over the interests of their own. This often leads businesses to make decisions that are best for their shareholders, but not necessarily for themselves.

So what’s missing? Collective Operation

Invest for an equity share for all members. Investment shares are

What cooperatives often lack is capacity, limiting the ability to further scale growth. Collective action is more than a buzz phrase, it is where trust and productivity interoperate.

More Reasons to Join Our Network

Why a Co-op?

As a cooperative organization, CrowdWork better ensures that trust, equity, ownership, and the public interest are at the core of the platform.

We support local resiliency by reducing the need for external dependencies and intermediaries for the services we need most.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor, partner, member, or just want to learn more? We'd love to hear from you.

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