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The powerful enemy of local community building is labeling, it's anybody who wants to say first about people, 'This is their deficit, problem or need'. The central truth of community work is to ignore people's deficits and focus on and mobilize their capacities."

John McKnight
Asset-Based Community Development Institute

CrowdWork’s mission is to bridge the digital divide by increasing the purchasing power and digital presence of gig workers, small businesses, and community groups — particularly those under-represented — in a cooperative environment.

What is a co-op?

A cooperative is a voluntary contractual organization of persons having a mutual ownership interest in providing themselves needed services.

It is usually organized as a legal entity to accomplish an economic objective through joint participation of its members.

In a cooperative, the investment of time and money risks, benefits gained or losses incurred are shared equitably by its members in proportion to their use of the cooperative services.

A cooperative is democratically controlled by its members on the basis of their status as member-users and not as investors in the capital structure of the cooperatives.”

(Savage & Volkin)

The word “crowd” implies capacity. In the current majority economy, this usually comes at the expense of equity (ownership) being sold to passive shareholders eventually over the interests of their own. This often leads businesses to make decisions that are best for its shareholders, but not necessarily for its workers.

So what’s missing? Collective Operation

Invest for an equity share for all members. Investment shares are

What cooperatives often lack is capacity, limiting the ability to further scale growth. Collective action is more than a buzz phrase, it is where trust and productivity interoperate.

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CrowdWork Co-op

Turnkey Digital Solutions

Direct Digital Services

Web Development, Video Marketing, and Photography on-demand services for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

Personal or Group Trainings

The only thing we enjoy more than helping our clients and customers is helping them help themselves!

Create a Website

Start Creating Your Own Custom Landing Page, Capability Statement, or Professional Portfolio in only FIVE Clicks.

Its all about the company you keep...

Features (Details Coming Soon)

Want to host your new website or content on your own server? Great!

Export your content, data, settings, and any site configurations from your CrowdWork site to your own site in a few simple steps.

Combine your capacity with other members to compose bids for new contracts, or pull in more support on existing projects - together as one fully licensed, cohesive project team.

Events, Podcast Episodes, Newsletters, Reports, Job Postings, New Members, Proposals, ANYTHING!

Earn up to 5-7% on any project referral or direct investment.

Earn a commission (finder’s fee) on every referral you make that leads to a new CrowdWork member, customer, or project opportunity for anyone in the network.

Get paid accordingly for growing the network.

Investor Benefits

Earn up to a 5-7% interest return on any investments made into the platforms or campaigns.

Withdraw your full investment at any time after one year, or cash in for any services offered at a discount.

Local Banking

The platform streamlines banking solutions for under or un-banked contractors of all ages.

Credit union memberships allow local groups of contractors to open instant sub-accounts for directly receiving customer payments.

Members join our existing account, therefore passing a few administrative hurdles to receiving their next payments.

Local transactions keep money invested back to your local credit union membership base — thereby increasing the churn of dollars reinvested back into the greater local economy.

For more on Credit Unions – Visit Everything Co-op or DC Credit Union.


Instant Business Licensing

Buy a Doing Business As (DBA) license wholesale for only $120.

Save hundreds of dollars and hours of time

By offering business licensing under the CrowdWork umbrella, the platform reduces legal and administrative barriers to entry for entrepreneurs.

Do you need a PO Box or Basic Business License?


Buyers Clubs

Join a buyers club and lower the costs of your subscription services.

Is a subscription you want not on the list? Add a new purchasing pool! As more members join each pool, the overall cost per person decreases.

  • Premium Web Hosting and Storage.
  • Customer Relationship Management — Client Order Intake, Invoicing, and Secure Payments.
  • Social Media Automation Integrations
    ie: Hootsuite, HubSpot, Tweepsmap. Google Analytics...
  • Subscription Software — Adobe Creative Cloud, Quickbooks for Business,
  • Premium Website Plugins and Themes

More Reasons to Join Our Network

Why a Co-op?

Contributions to a community or organization should be equitably rewarded for the value they provide.

As a cooperative organization, CrowdWork better ensures that trust, equity, ownership, and the public interest are at the core of the platform.

Every member within our network is incentivized to engage with others in their own ways, and exchange value as they choose. We support local resiliency by reducing the need for external dependencies and intermediaries for the services we need most.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor, partner, member, or just want to learn more? We'd love to hear from you.

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