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Funding Sources:

Community development block grant


Potential fiscal sponsors for matching funding:

Washington Area Community Investment Fund

Bread for the City

Workforce Investment Council

Non-voting equity for members:
All logged contributions that meet the following conditions will be rewarded with a 5-7% semi-annual interest return on their investment in proportion to overall business profits at the end of the fiscal year.

  • The task or project has been pre-approved by a majority of the existing members at the time of the contribution.
  • The working member has signed the cooperative bylaws agreement.
  • Any associated third-party expenses have been approved by a managing director prior to initiating the work in question.

The value of contributions will be measured in hours of approved work or direct capital investment (or in the form of a loan). Project and task-based work will be valuated and logged at the time of execution. A timesheet or purchase order record must be submitted within a reasonable timeframe as to be determined by the board.

Paid work for customers, including referral commissions, do not qualify as non-voting equity but will be paid immediately upon customer payment of the respective services.

Non-voting equity customer, partner, or public contributions:

  • Directly purchasing member products or services.
  • Direct capital investment or loan.

Customer payments may be retroactively approved as non-voting equity if the customer signs and submits the member bylaws within 3 months of the services or products purchased:

  • Capital investments may be exchanged for direct member services at any time as long as CrowdWork has the capabilities to perform the scope of work requested.
  • Partial withdrawals may be approved by the board on an individual case basis.
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