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Domains.Coop in Partnership with CrowdWork.Coop

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This is a working “pitch presentation” for a funding, partnership, recruitment, or sponsorship proposal to fully develop the core, open source web-based platform co-op for content management & service delivery. —

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A project-based digital services platform cooperative, currently developing several interoperable business utilities around member and customer needs. As a co-op venture, CrowdWork’s mission is to bridge the digital divide by increasing the purchasing power, back office capacity, and digital presence of gig workers, small businesses, and community groups — particularly those under-represented — in a cooperative online & offline environment.

We currently have over 5 returning commercial clients and in heavy recruitment and fundraising mode

Developing the infrastructure of the central platform(s): This will allow the platform to securely and optimally launch and begin letting more people in on leveraging the utilities it is primed for — delivering high demand digital services to an increasing amount of customers and groups trying to reach their audiences and increase member engagement.

Feature Overview

Customer Management

Custom surveys, client intake forms, customer invoice templates, order details, and inventory of products and services.

Turnkey Website Creation

Create your own landing page in 5 clicks...

Business Model Canvas

Multi-Stakeholder Analysis

Digital Services

Social Media Marketing
New Custom Website Design
Web Platform Development
Content Management Services
Custom Web App Creation
- Events
- Podcasts
- Meeting Notes
- Policy Reports
- Purchase Orders
- Products & Services

and many more...

Replicate an Entire Multisite Network

Great for membership organizations, cooperatives, community groups, or freelancers formalizing into collectives.

Clean, Simple, and Familiar Backend Interface

Custom post types allow for a tailored experience. Below are examples of the current interoperable networks being built.

Collaborative Proposal Writing

Manage and Edit Documents for Projects & Grants all on one private subdomain

Screenshots coming...

Open Source Solutions

Create a custom interface for any type of website post — podcast episode, event, blog, product, service, survey, proposal, and more

Easily customize the appearance of both the backend and the frontend to meet your distinct preferences.

Funding Sources

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Core Platform

Now Recruiting Web Developers!

Civic Hackathons?

Please reach out if interested in learning more or collaborating.

If something seems to be missing, maybe its you! -Justin

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